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A. & E. C. Emilianides, C. Katsaros & Associates LLC is a full-service legal practice, with its headquarters based in Nicosia, Cyprus and with offices in Limassol.

Led by Prof. Dr. Achilles C. Emilianides and Costas V. Katsaros, the firm has been transformed into a group of professional services and one of the major legal practices of the region, with a team of more than 40 qualified professionals, offering legal, advisory & corporate services.

Firm has a long tradition in real estate & construction law and its Managing Partner, Prof. Dr. Emilianides is the lecturer/examiner of the Real Estate Law on the lectures/exams of the trainee lawyers who apply for a professional lawyer’s licence.

The firm is actively engaged in all aspects of real estate law, and has extensive experience in consulting and representing prospective buyers, real estate owners, developers, real estate companies, contractors, sub-contractors, service providers, real investors, private and public bodies, lenders, property-owning institutions, retailers and banks.

The firm advises clients on all aspects of real estate and construction projects, including the following:

  • Drafting and negotiating sale & purchase agreements and other legal documents
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Advice on construction procurement issues
  • Advice on legal and regulatory requirements
  • Initiating or defending clients in construction law actions before the Courts
  • Dispute Resolution

Services provided by our firm in the real estate sector, include:

  • Negotiations, drafting and completion of real estate transactions
  • Advice and assistance with property management agreements and contracts relating to major property developments
  • Undertaking of property due diligence exercises
  • Advice on financial/tax matters
  • Advice on town planning and other governmental requirements
  • Obtaining the special permission required from the authorities for third-country nationals in order to register immovable property in their names
  • Advice on leasing and subleasing matters
  • Advice on public procurement and concessions
  • Collecting overdue and unpaid rent, advising on breach of terms and termination of leases which, in most cases, fall under the provisions of the Rent Control Laws.
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation on real estate matters


As a people’s person and a daring entrepreneur, Lyssiotis Services Director, Vera Lyssiotis has shown her excellence in bringing the right people and businesses together through an enviable array of fields, thus building an extraordinary network of business associates.

Lyssiotis Services offers a wide range of services according to individual needs and its experience guarantees that the company will find the best possible solutions, even in the most complex business environments.

Lyssiotis Services will guide clients for any New Business Development through every step of the business expansion, starting from methodical research of the market according to any needs and requirements. From finding the right associates and sourcing a suitable workplace, finding potential clients or a network of contacts, to developing a successful launching strategy, even undertake buying and consulting on clients behalf.

Lyssiotis Services will assist to find the right property to suit any needs, will take care every legal aspect of the acquisition process, including purchase and/or sale of immovable property in addition to drafting the required contracts, screening permits, attending Land Registration offices etc., always in collaboration with the top real estate agents and developer companies in the island.

Every event, consulting and project management, no matter how simple or complex, requires detailed planning and organization. Lyssiotis Services can assist any client needs in establishing an accurate budget to promoting an event. With the company’s extensive experience in organizing successful events, the client will be offered the best ideas and advice to maximize the event’s success.

Lyssiotis Services can assist any need from planning and booking luxury holidays in Cyprus to making restaurant reservations or getting access to special events, thus adding real value by taking care of some essential and time-consuming tasks for every needs. Whether someone is looking for small goods for a house, customized products and services for children and family, or decoration professionals, the company will bring in touch all the right people to accommodate any needs. With an extensive network of associates around the island, Lyssiotis Services will help anyone to experience the best Cyprus has to offer.

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